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Meet us

Meet your team, Kris and Scott, are longtime friends and collective photographers, together they specialize in Wedding Photography. With a defined creative approach they capture natural looking portraits of people you care about the most. Photography can be timeless if done correctly, that is why they practice and tailor their creative approach to your life-style.

Krzysztof Walder


Everyone’s life is a story and Krzysztof's started with a great family, good times and lots of short life stories captured on slide film. All those stories developed into a passion for capturing amazing people and timeless moments. Natural light has always played a big role in his on-location studio because it has an organic feel. Hundreds of rolls of film later, this passion for photography turned into something more. It became a drive to capture spontaneous moments, where people are genuine, relaxed and less posed. His shooting style is inspired by people in front of him.

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Scott lives with his family in Littleton and he enjoys a great conversation about photography. He is a director, creator and educator in the field of photography and documentary video production. He started in photography by learning from his big brother and is used to photographing with large format cameras. This ancient approach taught him how to compose the final image well before the shutter clicks.

Scott Houck

What we do?

We specialize in wedding photography and on-location custom portraits that are tailored to fit your lifestyle. We believe that amazing portraits require a beautiful studio that fits your personality. That studio can be anywhere where inspiration clicks.

Our passion

It's all in composition, simplicity and harmony. Our style naturally becomes contemporary, photojournalistic and story-telling--ultimately transforming images into timeless works of art.


We are available by appointment only and our Wedding packages start at $2695. We strive to provide you with awesome service, so we allow ourselves to photograph only a limited number of weddings each year. Please provide us with your name and mailing address we'll send you the details of our packages.