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We are your niche in Digital Marketing & User Experience, we specialize in the art of storytelling with razor focus on human emotion to strengthen your Marketing Message.

Our customers are Business Leaders, Marketing Agencies, Municipalities, Transit Agencies, Non-profit Organizations and Individuals.

LEAFFOTO and ALDERTOF are synonymous brands growing under one umbrella. If you’re were looking for our photography services look no further, these services remain intact, same as in the past; The online portfolio for Family Photography is accessible here, while the commercial and lifestyle photography will be available here.

Agile., Growth mindset, re-invention to better the people of tomorrow.


We work with marketing professionals to create precisely what you need to drive your marketing message forward. We offer a suite of services focused on User Experience through web site development, professional photography, animations, video production and social media marketing.

Let's start with your vision & we will get you there.



Krzysztof Walder is a marketing professional with web development expertise he gained at 911 and he is known for lifestyle people photography.

Since 1998, Krzysztof developed/maintained websites, directed and photographed people while on-location productions. He's photographed famous people like Seal, Kacey Musgraves, The Doobie brothers "Michael McDonald", Kenny Loggings, Dianna Ross, also famous bands Alabama, Earth Wind and Fire at a one of a kind event in the West region.

Krzysztof is currently working at a top National Transit Branding Agency serving transit and municipal customers.